In the Media

Hope’s work has been featured in a variety of news outlets.

In May 2016, Hope wrote about a new AI platform that used a “swarm” method to make predictions. She challenged the startup to predict the superfecta (top four horses, in order) at the Kentucky Derby. The swarm ended up nailing the prediction, beating 542-1 odds. Hope placed her own bet on the race, and the story––plus her personal win––resulted in media coverage from dozens of outlets worldwide, including CBS News, Newsweek, ESPN, and many others. Here is a video of the story from WHAS TV.

In August 2016, Hope was an invited speaker on a panel called “The Robot Revolution” at the TrustBelt conference in Chicago.

Because of her extensive coverage of driverless technology, Hope was invited to join an hour-long live show for WHYY (Philadelphia’s NPR station) to discuss Uber’s introduction of a driverless fleet in Pittsburgh in September 2016.

The New York Review of Books quoted Hope’s article about Uber’s driverless fleet in Pittsburgh for a story on autonomous driving, in November 2016.

In December 2016, Hope appeared on Cheddar TV  to discuss OpenAI’s new learning platform, “Universe.” Later that month, Hope and her colleague Nick Heath published a longform expose exploring the hidden tolls of Amazon Mechanical Turk, an online work platform that pays workers pennies per task. Amazon Mechanical Turk relies on workers to label the data that many companies use to train their machine learning systems on. The story drew attention from several outlets, and Hope appeared on Tech News Today as well as the Daily Tech News Show to discuss the story.

NPR’s “Here and Now” invited Hope to speak about her story on “the cult of Tesla” in April 2017. Here’s her interview with the host, Lisa Mullins.

In May 2017, Hope was invited on WFPL (Louisville’s NPR affiliate) as well as WHAS radio to discuss the story behind the AI platform that predicted the winners of the Derby superfecta in 2016.