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Growing Up Alone? Robert Putnam discusses growing inequality and the demise of the American Dream (March 2015)
What Can You Do With a Degree in Watching TV? (May 2014)
Studying U.S. Families: “Men Are Where Women Were 30 Years Ago” (March 2014)
Psychology: ‘An Owners’ Manual for Your Mind’ (March 2014)
Why Study Philosophy? ‘To Challenge Your Own Point of View’ (February 2014)
The Joy of Teaching Computer Science in the Age of Facebook (February 2014)
The College Course That’s All About Death (January 2014)
‘It Feels Like Education Malpractice’ (November 2013)
Lectures Didn’t Work in 1350–and They Still Don’t Work Today (November 2013)
The First Step to Helping a Special-Needs Kid: Get Organized (October 2013)
‘Boys Have Deep Emotional Lives’ (September 2013)

HBO’s Looking: Not ‘the Ultimate Gay Show About All Gay People” (January 2014)
Why Is the Golden Age of TV So…Dark? (July 2013)

How Well Do We Really Understand Mental Illness? (August 2013)
Fertility Today: Where Don’t Babies Come From? (July 2013)
The Real Problems With Psychiatry (May 2013)

Women Tell Dirty Jokes, Rely on Opium, and Other Insights from Afghanistan (May 2013)

Helping Liberals Understand ‘Gun Guys’  (March 2013)

The Sexes:
‘There Were No Models’: Growing Up in the ’70s With an Out Gay Dad (June 2013)
Every Single Family is a Nontraditional Family: Interview with Jennifer Finney Boylan (May 2013)
‘Coercion and Conformity and Despair’: A Feminist Critique of Hooking Up (April 2013)
‘Feminine Mystique’ at 50 (February 2013)

‘This Brave New World Has Some of the Worst Aspects of the Old Way of Doing Things’: An Interview with Doree Shafrir (April 2017)

Video interview with Maria Konnikova at IdeaFestival, begin minute 45 (September 2013)
Radio interview with Nicco Mele (August 2013)
Radio interview with Mahzarin Banaji (September 2013)
Radio interview with Clive Thompson (October 2013)
Radio interview with Catherine Burns (October 2013)
Radio interview with Jason Fried (November 2013)
Radio interview with Caryl Rivers (December 2013)
Radio interview with Norma Bowe (December 2013)
Radio interview with Theo Edmonds (January 2014)
Radio interview with danah boyd (February 2014)
Radio interview with JK McKnight (March 2014)

The Finished Copy: An Interview with André Aciman
 (April 2013)
All He Knows: An Interview with James Salter (July 2013)

UNDARK MAGAZINE (publication of MIT’s Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program)
Five Questions for Nick Bilton (July 2017)
Five Questions for Erik Brynjolfsson (August 2017)

Interview with Tom Bissell (October 2013)

Interview with Jill Filipovic (May 2017)
Author Carina Chocano on What Playboy and Popular Media Teaches Her Daughter (August 2017)

Interview with Maria Konnikova (May 2013)

Margaret Atwood explains how to know if you’re living in a totalitarian state (April 2017)
The link between domestic violence and mass shootings, explained by a gun policy expert (June 2017)
She criticized Uber for years. With the CEO gone, she feels a “palpable sense of relief.” (June 2017)
The journalist who’s been covering R. Kelly for 17 years: “This is rape culture” (July 2017)
Meet the activist who wants to stop HBO’s Confederate from getting made (August 2017)
The latest Google controversy shows how corporate funding stifles criticism (September 2017)