Hope is a freelance journalist who writes for The New York Times, Vox, JSTOR Daily, Medium’s OneZero and Forge, MIT’s Undark Magazine, and other publications. Her work –– which spans a range of subjects, from culture to politics to technology –– has appeared in dozens of outlets, including The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, the Harvard Review, the Nieman Journalism Lab, the Paris Review, and VICE. She is a featured author in the Verso Books collection, Where Freedom Starts: Sex Power Violence #MeToo: A Verso Report.

Before freelancing full-time, Hope was a staff writer for TechRepublic, a division of CBS Interactive, (read articles here), and an adjunct professor at Indiana University, Southeast. She also hosted a podcast for IdeaFestival. Hope holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism at the Harvard Extension School, which she earned while working at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. She now splits her time between Louisville, KY, and Budapest, Hungary. You can email her at hope.reese@gmail.com.

For secure messages, PGP fingerprint:  2C35 30EF 67B0 0B54 D09C 01B4 0924 2539 6B77 B0B7. And full key.